Open Analytics

We modernise, automate and strengthen underwriting, risk management and customer engagement for banks and credit providers.

Our Expertise

Predictive Modelling
Specialised in advanced predictive modelling and machine learning methods which maximise the effectiveness of a broad range of data types to predict credit losses, defaults, customer behaviour and segment customers by credit quality.
Data Architecture
Expertise in structured data-model implementation, designed to enrich the value of lender’s data assets by increasing the range, interpretability, traceability and consistency of data.
Credit Risk Management
Credit policy and automated decisioning processes including acquisitions strategy, underwriting policy, marketing, credit line management, risk-based pricing and collections.
Credit Decisioning Models
We offer a full range of credit risk model development services supporting credit decisioning including application scoring, dynamic collateral valuation and behavioural scoring.
Transactional Data Models
We can support our clients in modernising their credit processes by integrating high volume transactional data and applying advanced modelling techniques to enhance credit rating models and automated credit decisioning processes.
Regulatory Basel, IFRS-9
Experienced in Probability of Default, Exposure at Default, Loss Given Default and Expected Loss estimation for retail and wholesale portfolios to meet Basel A-IRB capital management and IFRS-9 provisioning requirements.
Data Quality Control Framework
We offer a range of services that help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of existing data assets and data collections practices.
Model Implementation
We provide technical support and expertise for model implementation and validation of system outputs.
Model Monitoring & Maintenance
We provide both standard and customised model monitoring services, and offer services to tune up your existing models.


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